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  • 24MAY

    Regionals Event 1

    • Warm Up
    • Snatch DL
      Make sure you are using your Snatch grip:
      7×3 Start @30@ of Max DL, then progressive load. (Heavy Snatch DL)
    • Event 1 of CrossFit Regionals (Mod)
      1,200-m run
      Then, 12 rounds of:
      4 strict handstand push-ups
      8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
      12 squats
      Original Version:
      Wearing a weight vest,
      Men wear a 20-lb. vest
      Women wear a 14-lb. vest
      Time cap: 25 minutes
      *Scaled for our gym: NO Vest, 20 min cap.
    • Accessory exercise of the week
      Side V Ups
    • Cool Down/Stretch

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  • 23MAY

    Handstand and E3MOM

    Warm Up Handstand cycle Gymnastics Lunge 1×15 each leg Teeter Totter 1×15 each leg Wall kick 1x10x 5 sec Push up wall drill (wall climb) 1×10 then if possible: 1) Handstand Balance – OR- 2) Virtuous Handstand Balance E3MOM x 4 10/7 Calories AAB 10 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb) 10 (ea side) Side V-ups

  • 22MAY

    The Beat Goes On!

    Last week could of been better, I only finished two work outs last week even though I started three.  Maybe I am just a Nervous Nelly, but I was having some strange muscles twitches / spasms in my left chest area muscles.  The twitch was centered just under my pacemaker.  So in spite of all

  • 21MAY

    Sunday WOD

    Warm Up 3 RFT 800m row 10 Wall Climbs 20 DL (225/155 lb) sc: 60% of 1RM DL Accessory exercise of the week: Side Star Plank Accumulate 45+ seconds each side. * ADD 10+ seconds every day 🙂 Cool Down/Stretch