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  • 24JUL

    Don’t Be Dumb

    Thank you for your kind words about my inaugural attempt at writing for the blog. It feels a little bit awkward and bumbling for me, but hopefully like everything else practice makes perfect.

    So as most of you know, I decided in January of this year to take a temporary leave of absence to test out weightlifting for real. I’m currently in between training cycles and about to leave for Europe for two weeks so it made sense to me to work on what has become my major weakness in the last six months: cardio. yeah

    I’ll write more about the differences in the two training modalities later, but for now I want to tell y’all about what it felt like to do Monday’s workout after doing just about zero conditioning this year. As a reminder, Monday’s workout was :
    5 rds:
    11 heavy AF kettlebell swings
    11 box jumps
    200 m run (in the sweltering heat nonetheless)
    11 burpees (why? WHY)
    11 wall balls.

    I did this workout at 5:30 on Monday with Sam and Kelli. Before we started I warned them I would probably throw up. They laughed it off, but deep down, I knew. As soon as we started the first run I was like oh yep. This is hard. I’m going to die. After the third run, I ran straight to the bathroom and threw up just about my entire stomach contents.

    pukeeBack in the beginning days of CrossFit, someone, I’m not really sure who, came up with this terrible jacked cartoon clown that was always pictured vomiting. They called him Pukey the Clown and he became a sort of ridiculous rite-of-passage for newb CrossFitters, like ripped hands. I’m not going to post a picture of him because he really freaks me out and this guy to the left is almost kind of cute, right? Like ripped hands, people seem almost proud to tell everyone the first time they threw up from doing a CrossFit workout. Personally, I don’t really understand how that’s an exciting threshold to cross unless it’s your first time drinking too much tequila.

    I tell you this because I want to remind everyone to monitor themselves when they workout. While CrossFit is definitely designed to be high intensity training, you gotta know where and when to push yourself. Starting a 25 minute workout at 60 miles per hour is a terrible strategy. You’ll crash, you’ll burn, you’ll vomit. I love to see y’all push yourselves. Nothing made my day more than when I knew Tracie had decided she was going to finish that workout. She started off strong, and sped up a little bit in the second half when everyone else started looking a little bit more like this guy (I lied, I posted him. Gross right?). pukee1

    I’m out of shape. I said it. I’m trying to take time to get back in shape, but sometimes, I’m going to default to pushing like I used to do, which means I’ll look like this damn clown probably a few more times. But I’m dumb.

    Don’t be like me. Don’t be dumb.

    Plan your workouts before you start. Know the stimulus and how the workout should feel. If you don’t know, just ask your coach. That’s why we’re here. 🙂

    Hope to see you in the gym this week!

    • Warm Up
    • BSQ
      5×2@ 75%
    • OHS
      4×2 @70%
    • 3 RFT
      9 Clean and Jerk (105/65 lb)
      400m run
      9 Candlestick to roll up
      RX+: C & J (115/75 lb)
    • Mobility Exercise of the week
      Kneeling Hip Flexor
      -Wall, bench or Box.
      ~30-60 seconds each leg
    • Cool Down/Stretch


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