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  • 26JUN

    The Accountability Loophole

    by Harold Singleton

    It does not seem possible but the month of June is almost over.  July will mark an anniversary of sorts for me.  In July 2014 I attended my first Crossfit class.  I do not remember what the MetCon consisted of but clearly remember the strength portion of the WOD.  Since I was old, new, and looked decrepit, I was assigned a personal coach to help me through the class.  His name was Ramon and we did Romanian Dead lifts.  At the time, I figured my coach had to be famous or why else would they name a lift after him.  Did I mention I was new to Crossfit.  Looking back, I am glad the MetCon was not one of the ‘Girls’ WOD and my coach happen to have the same name.  That would have really confused me.

    I really did not commit to Crossfit until October of that year but we all start our fitness journey somewhere.  I happened to start my journey farther back on the trail than most.  As many of you know, I spent and spend too many hours sitting a day in front of a keyboard and monitor.  Some of you might think that after three years, I would be pretty good at CrossFit.  You would be wrong and I prove it every time I walk into the gym.

    To the chagrin of the management and coaches at CFWS, I attended four classes last week.  I took Thursday off to recover and enable myself to finish the week strong on Friday.  And by strong I mean using something more substantial than a bar made of PVC for all of the OHS we did on Friday.  I should take consolation that I can actually get down to parallel (or something real close) in my OHS.  When I started I thought below parallel was a myth told by CrossFitters to discourage others from taking up their quest for fitness.  Thus limiting the participation to only those who were stupid and / or courageous enough to dare challenge nature and  think they could get down that low while holding up a bar over their head.

    I do want you to know, that taking off Thursday had nothing to do with the fact that the WOD included L-Sits and Snatches.  It had more to do with some girl named Karen that showed up on Wednesday than any other torture Lufé could of planned for Thursday.  No I decided to take off Thursday before I knew it was L-sits and Snatches.  Although, as I think about it now, L-sits and Snatches would also have made a good excuse to skip on Thursday.

    I have big plans for this week that if you promise not to tell any of the coaches, I will let you in on.  This week is accountability week.  I have an appointment with my GP for my annual physical.  For those of us that happen to be over 40 and of the male persuasion, the annual physical is not as scary as it used to be.  They now have a blood test for that thing that used to be so uncomfortable about a physical  So, the physical is really more about going over the result of all the test done prior to the appointment and setting  health strategies and goals for next year.  I call the week, accountability week, because, if I did well on the tests, I know I am on the right path, If however, the test come back bad, I will have to double down on my efforts in being healthy.

    I know by now you are saying to yourself, “Self, why is this such a secret?”  Well, it is not.  You just needed to know all that to understand the motivation and strategy for the week.  I mentioned that I have to take a slew of tests prior to the appointment.  I finished all of them last Friday.  This means that the results of the tests are in, I just don’t know what they are yet.  My appointment is this Friday.  Since the die is cast when it comes to my accountability appointment: I can eat all the Blue Bell ice cream I want this week; I can give less that 100% in the gym this week; and I do not have to worry about any of the consequences.  Unless, of course, someone rats me out to either the coaches or my GP.  After my accountability appointment, I will have to go back to the grind of getting and keeping healthy so that my next accountability appointment will go well.  So give the old guy a break and keep this between us.  So, I can enjoy my week off.

    I hope to see you in the gym this week!

    • Warm Up
    • BSQ (16 min)
      Get your 1RM BSQ
    • Chipper
      05 Burpees over the Bar
      10 Bsq (40% of 1RM Bsq)
      15 DL (40% of 1RM Bsq)
      30 Toes to Bar
      300m run (200m+100m)
      15 DL
      10 Bsq
      05 Burpees Over the Bar
    • Accessory exercise of the week:
      2×8 reps, increase the weight throughout the week.
      KB’s or DB’s
    • Cool Down/Stretch

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