• Jose Jimenez

    Jose Jimenez

    Going to the gym didn’t motivate me anymore, so I started CrossFit in January 2012 in search of something that was more challenging. My initial experience was not a good one. In fact, due to my lack of flexibility I almost fell through the window trying to lift 65lbs over my head. Initially, I was embarrassed, but tired of feeling defeated and frustrated; as I had been for the last few years.  So I stuck it out and with each workout, I became more and more motivated and energized. I began to see results, like improved flexibility, more strength, and weight loss.   CrossFit helped me make a lifestyle change that has affected so may aspects of my life – in a good way.

    For most of my career, I worked in the corporate world in management, sales, operations, retail and distribution.  But after years of running myself into the ground, I made a decision that would affect the well-being of my life and my family.  I decided to transfer my skills and do what I love most – help people.  That’s basically what it comes down to.

    I’m a simple guy with simple values.  Family and friends, that is what is important to me.  And I pride myself on being a good listener, so as a coach I try to find ways to motivate and encourage athletes to do better.  As an owner, I want to create a community where people can feel supported and welcomed.  Where no matter your level of fitness, you come to CWS to be challenged!

    “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Francis of Assisi




    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer