Liz’s Story:
Every year around New Year and my birthday (in May), I start to reflect on my health. This past May 2015, after not exercising at all for at least 3 years, I took what felt like the biggest risk in a while-I joined Crossfit Warrior Spirit. I am a very competitive person by nature in most aspects of my life, but had allowed my health and wellness to take a back seat. I have had Type I diabetes for 17 years and was struggling with pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was sick of feeling lazy, tired and worn down. Somehow I managed to convince my husband that joining Crossfit was a great idea. I think he was skeptical and probably thought I was crazy at the time. Knowing that once I decide to do something, there’s no convincing me otherwise, he gave me the go-ahead so I joined. One thing he knows about me is that I get on certain “kicks”, but the phase quickly passes. I suspect that he thought this Crossfit “kick” would quickly pass as well.

Well almost nine months later, I can truly say that Crossfit has changed my life. I went in with the goal of losing weight, but have arrived at so much more. For the first time in 17 years, I have been able to achieve excellent control of my diabetes. When I started Crossfit, my A1c (average blood sugar for past 3 months) was 7.1. As of February 2016, I am at 5.8! I never thought I would arrive at such success. I can also say that for the past 9 months, I have not experienced any flare-ups in my arthritis and have been able to decrease some of my arthritis medications. I shouldn’t have to say this at such a young age, but I feel like I have my life back.

I owe a lot of this success to the all the wonderful coaches at Crossfit Warrior Spirit. What I thought would be extremely intimidating to do, has been the most rewarding experience. Most days I end up with the slowest time in most of the workouts, but I feel like a champion due to the constant encouragement, support, and love from everyone (coaches to fellow participants). Thank you for changing my life! Looking back at this process, I can say the hardest part of it was just simply making the decision to join. Once I joined, there was no looking back! I will continue to improve daily and hope that others can use this as motivation to take the next step in getting their life and health back.


Pam’s Story:


I am a CrossFit addict. OK I said it. I am also 2 months and 11 days away from being 60 years old. The box I go to is CrossFit Warrior Spirit and the name of the box pretty much says it all. I am at “war” with my aging body and my allies are the wonderful coaches and family like environment/encouragement I get every single time I show up at my box. I started CrossFit approximately 3-1/2 years ago. At the time, it had been almost 20 years since I had been involved with any kind of routine exercise. The reason I started was to support my son, who at the time owned his own box. Initially I thought “I’ll just do this to make him happy and quit once his business gets going”. Only problem – CrossFit became a way of life for me. The first day I started I could only do 2-1/2 sit-ups, no push-ups, my squat was just barely bending my knees and I could only run about 100 feet before I had to walk. I was in constant pain, was considering a hip replacement and could not walk up a flight of stairs without becoming short of breath. Pretty sad. Especially when you consider that at age 17 I was an All American swimmer who qualified for the Olympic Trials that year.

Fast forward to today. My son’s box closed as he went on to pursue other endeavors which left me with “Where do I go now?” My plan was to try several boxes (a week at each box) and then at the end of the month pick one that best suited my needs. The first box I tried was CrossFit Warrior Spirit. The environment was so welcoming and the coaches nurtured me without pampering me gently pushing back when I questioned what level of “scaling” I should do. I was sold on CrossFit Warrior Spirit the first day and felt absolutely no need to look any further. Today I am pain free, I can easily do 100 + sit-ups without stopping (if I want to), run a mile without stopping (albeit very slow), I can do real squats and my hips are in great condition. I look forward to my WODs and look forward to seeing the fantastic coaches as well as other members of my box. CrossFit has been a truly life changing experience but most importantly I couldn’t have done it without the first rate professional coaches at CrossFit Warrior Spirit. They push me without pushing too far, are sensitive to my individual needs as an “athlete” and somehow manage to make each WOD a wonderful experience (that’s a gift!). Every time I leave my box after a workout I leave knowing that me and my “troops” are advancing toward the targeted goal. I feel fantastic physically and I feel happy. Thank you CrossFit Warrior Spirit! If I can do CrossFit – anyone can and anyone wanting to give it a try – I recommend CrossFit Warrior Spirit. Start today, it’s never too late.


Mario’s Story:


Almost one year after joining CrossFit Warrior Spirit I can say that I feel in the best shape of my life and on track to becoming fitter and stronger. A 20 year period of running long distance turned into a cycle of injuries and, eventually, lack of motivation. I am not running 40 or 50 miles a week anymore, but can run as fast as ever – and my injuries are long gone. Even though I never liked gyms, doing group exercise or lifting weights, I quickly found out that CrossFit Warrior Spirit could help me find – and conquer – new challenges by, precisely, coming to a CrossFit box, being part of a community and working with more than bodyweight. From acquiring mobility and learning the complex techniques, to building strength, power and speed, and from aerobic and anaerobic training to Olympic lifts and gymnastics, CrossFit Warrior Spirit provides me with an opportunity and a daily challenge to do and be my best. At this box each athlete is only competing against his or her own preconceived boundaries and limitations and every one helps each other. I have only but gratitude and respect towards the CrossFit Warrior Spirit coaches and members.


Patricia’s Story:patricia
After playing competitive tennis as a child and teenager and then 15 years of running marathons, a new experience with CrossFit began for me recently. I have always considered exercise and fitness a very important part of my physical health and emotional well-being. Nine years ago my life took a big change with the first of three children. With more pregnancies and children keeping fit became harder and harder; as I strived to maintain my running times and mileage various injuries appeared. Trouble in my lower back forced me to replace some running with yoga but I strained my back and ended up struggling with a complicated recovery. Mario, who has motivated me to try new sports, insisted I should try CrossFit to strengthen my core. This was a great decision, as with the careful overview of the CrossFit Warrior Spirit coaches I not only fully recovered but quickly increased by mobility, flexibility, strength and am learning very cool new exercises, from pulls ups to hand stand pushups and gymnastic exercises with the rings! Since day one at CrossFit Warrior Spirit the coaches and fellow members have made me feel welcomed, supported and inspired. Thank you!

Chris’s Story:

I have never been athletic. My whole life I have hated to workout. When I was nearing 60 years of age, I reached a point where I knew I had to do something. I had little strength, balance, range of motion and coordination. It was difficult to even wash the car and impossible to mow the lawn. Both of my sisters had joined a fitness boot camp back in Kansas and they encouraged me to do so as well. I finally got a Groupon for a boot camp here in San Antonio. That is where I started hearing about CrossFit. The boot camp was hard but for the most part it was something I could do. I never thought for one minute that I would be able to do CrossFit. The boot camp I attended ceased to exist so I took the plunge and decided to give CrossFit a try. Fortunately, I came to CrossFit Warrior Spirit. The coaches were able to help me scale the workouts so that I could not only do them, but also work toward being able to do them better.
As reluctantly as I came to CrossFit and athletics in general, I am now, after two years, totally addicted. The workouts are challenging and always changing. The ratio of coaches to athletes at this box ensures individual attention.
All of the coaches are well versed in how to scale the movements and also how to make sure each one is done correctly so no one gets injured. The coaches and the other members encourage me and challenge me each day. I finally realized that ‘getting in shape’ is a relative term and more of a journey than a destination. My strength has improved immensely and I continue to get stronger every day. My balance and coordination are better than they have been in years. My range of motion is much better than when I started but is still a work in progress. I can honestly say that considering the shape I was in when I started, if I can do it anyone can do it. Fela and Jose are very dedicated to helping each member be the best that they can be.


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