• In Retrospect, Maybe I Made a Mistake

    By Harold Singleton

    Those of you who know me, would not be surprised that occasionally I am prone to self-inflicted injury.  Last week’s post was an example of not crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s which led to angst and consternation within my relationship with my spouse.  I have a standing agreement with her that I will not mention her in my posts and if I do she gets to review, edit and / or veto said post before it is posted.

    Last week’s post had a reference to her which I did not disclose in a timely manner (as in never).  Similar to the cable TV show, ‘I Almost Got Away With It’, I almost got away with it.  But alas, she mentioned to a co-worker that I write this post weekly.  Her co-worker decided to read last week’s post and inadvertently threw me ‘under the bus’ by commenting on it to her.

    When confronted, I compounded my error by trying to excuse my actions with the fact that the reference to her was very benign.  Unfortunately that was not in her opinion the right response.  Bottom line, I have agreed to publicly apologize.

    So, I would like to go on record that I am genuinely distraught and sorry for getting caught.

    I had an abbreviated week in the gym this week.  I managed to work out in the gym twice.  I had every intention to be in the gym more often but life got in the way.

    First off, in spite of me believing I had so much ‘work capacity’, which I wrote about last week, by Monday evening my legs and arms were feeling every shovel full of mulch I spread over the weekend.  I am also sure that the Back and Front Squats of Monday’s WOD exacerbated the stress I had inflicted on my hamstrings, knees and abductors.  Since I like being ambulatory, I decided I had better rest and recover.

    I made it back to the gym on Thursday, just in time to do 100 medicine ball cleans, 36 candlesticks and 12 seated box jumps.  The good news is that no one could accuse me of believing, “If it’s not chest day, it is rest day”.  The bad news was I was hurting before I left the gym.

    I had not intended to skip Friday in spite of the scheduled 1.5 miles of running that made up the MetCon.  It was also chest day, aka bench press day.  However, for the third time within the last 9 months my mother moved on Friday and my help was required.  What was supposed to be a couple of hours of work grew into an all day grind.  The day included lifting and carrying some very heavy furniture and appliances.  By the time I got home Friday evening there was still time to make the 6:30 PM class.  But my legs were swollen, my feet hurt and quite frankly my tank needed ‘filling’.

    I have decided that maybe I bragged too much last week about my ‘work capacity’.   But next week is filled with new days.  And I am optimistic that I can take the opportunity to continue my journey toward  healthiness and fitness.

    I hope to see you in the gym this week!

    • Warm Up
    • BSQ
      2X8 @ add + extra 5lb from last week
    • FSQ
      2X8 @ add + extra 5lb from last week
    • 6 min AMRAP x 2
      10 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)(10/9 ft)
      20 Push Ups
      10 C2B Pull ups
      *Rest 2:30 and repeat AMRAP
    • Accessory exercise of the week
      One arm dead hang: Accumulate a total of 25 sec each arm
    • Cool Down/Stretch

    4 17 2017