• Hope Springs Eternal

    I am glad ‘Red Week’ is over.  The WODs last week felt more like a beat down than a work out!  The only thing the ‘work outs’ caused me to do was to work through a lot of pain.  Which I might add does not seem to be subsiding.

    And I have another gripe.  Who gets to change the rules on Snatches?  (Lufe’s post on 5/12 titled “Don’t Jump”.)  And why and or how do your slide your feet if they stay on the ground?   And if they don’t stay on the ground isn’t that the definition of jumping?

    I was ok with holding the bar different with back squats even though it hurt and was uncomfortable.  I did wonder why no had corrected me before and let me do squats wrong every Monday for over two years, but I went along.  I didn’t want to be the guy that whines all of the time.  But sliding your feet while keeping them on the ground is contrary to physics, gravity and common sense.

    And if the rules get to change why do the movements always get harder not easier?  I think it might be a conspiracy.  And we wonder why CrossFit has a bad reputation?

    Speaking of a bad reputation!

    Last week’s post got some in creditably ugly and hateful comments. I realized when I wrote it that it might be a little edgy but I did not expect the ferociousness of the comments I got.  My intention was not to insult anyone, nor even to stretch the boundaries of good manners.  I admit I was trying to be humorous and entertaining.  And I confess that I expected some latitude due to the post humorous and satirical nature.  But it seems I overstepped some invisible line that caused some to want to ‘heap burning coals on my head’ (Proverbs 25:22)

    I am not real sure what made these folks so upset but I suspect It was my innocent  claim that I can make mayonnaise.  I would like to point out that in spite of growing up in the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ generation, I happen to know my way around a kitchen.  My girth should be evidence enough.  But stereotypes and all of their hateful consequences seem to persist with us even unto this day of enlightenment!

    This week I start a new job.  I have been freelancing and or self-unemployed for the last few years.  A lot of my free lance work / projects have either finished or dried up.  And since I am not quite ready to really retire I decide to re-enter the regular work force.  Lucky for me and for the first time in my life the dress code at my new place of employment is very casual.  (I would like to go on record and say that I do own pants that reach my ankles. However, I have gotten in the habit of not wearing them unless the occasion is a wedding  and / or a funeral.  Funny how those two occasions are so similar.)

    What I am not sure of is when I will be able to work out.  My choices are real early or real late.  The morning will be difficult till the end of May and school lets out for the summer.  I still take my son to his magnet school in the morning.  I am teaching him to drive but he is not ready to solo yet.  I have standing meetings on both Tuesday and Thursday evening.  So it will be impossible to make an evening class on those days.  (I am not really sure why they are called standing meetings, I usually sit through them.  The English language is so strange!)

    Bottom line is that I may not be able to work out as often as I have in the past for the next couple of weeks.  So my presence may be sparse in the gym.  But, there is no truth to the rumor, no matter how much the coaches want to believe it, that I am quitting CrossFit.  But I guess, everyone has dreams and hopes.

    My hope?  I hope to see you in the gym this week!

    • Warm Up
    • BSQ
      2X8 @5 lb lighter than last week
    • FSQ
      1X8 @5 lb lighter than last week
    • 3 Rounds for time
      17 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
      17 Hollow body rocks
      70 Double Unders
    • Accessory exercise of the week:
      Side Star Plank
      Accumulate 45+ seconds each side.
      * ADD 10+ seconds every day 🙂
    • Cool Down/Stretch