Get Started

Before your first class:

  • Call 210-508-4026 or email to schedule your initial session
  • Ask any questions you may have
  • Fill in and print out a waiver
    • Ahead of time by clicking here: CWS Waiver
    • If you have trouble viewing or printing the waiver, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill it out

On the day of your first class:

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment
  • We recommend regular workout clothes (shorts, t-shirts) as long as they allow a full range of movement
  • Shoes: we recommend a training shoe with as little padding on the sole as possible i.e., running shoes are not recommended! A tennis or soccer trainer or Converse All-Stars are good alternatives
  • If you have an injury (current or previous) make sure that you make the coach aware of this before the class starts
  • We recommend that you bring along a water bottle to drink from during the session
  • You may want to bring a notebook or portable device to track your progress!

After your first class:

  • Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids – ideally water
  • It is a good idea to eat fairly shortly after the workout. Make this a protein rich meal to aid recovery
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Allow yourself a couple of days rest before your next class while your body recovers; try to not to rush into more training if you are very sore
  • Sign up for the Basics Series if you would like to become a member
  • Let us know what you think! We love feedback!


Basics Series

A prerequisite to enrolling in CrossFit WODs, this three-session program is designed to establish a fundamental quality of movement and body awareness in new members that will form the foundation for more complex movements. Many of the movements used in CrossFit WODs, including bodyweight exercises as well as weightlifting, require proficiency in squat, hip extension, and deadlift as well as other basic barbell skills. The Basics Series will give you an understanding of these cornerstone movements along with a better sense of your own body and where you have room to improve. Working one-on-one with a coach, the $150 Basics Series provides plenty of personalized instruction and includes an optional body composition analysis.

To sign up for the Basics Series, call 210-508-4026 or email to schedule your Basics series


Learn More

Whether you’re an elite athlete who wants to move to the next level or a beginner who wants to change your life, our classes can be tailored to your individual goals. All our exercises are scalable (both load and intensity) to fit your needs. Everyone in the class will be working on a version of the same exercises and together we inspire each other to reach our goals.

We focus on basic, functional skills that will take you to the next level of fitness. You will learn how to safely complete exercises that will build strength, increase body awareness and help you in everyday tasks as well. Each class you will tackle a new workout that might include running, lifting, throwing, squatting, pushing and pulling. We use gymnastics, weightlifting and cardio exercises to impact all ten standards of fitness: cardio/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy.


What is the Warrior Spirit?
The Warrior Spirit is what drives you to excel at whatever you do in life – whether it is your family life, your career, your hobbies or your personal health and fitness. There are members of our gym who identify with this phrase from past military service, from a philosophical perspective or just from a personal commitment to live a life driven by passion.

A passionate pursuit of athletic excellence can be driven by the following:

Tenets of the Warrior Athlete – Tenet: def. – a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true; especially: one held in common by members of an organization, movement, or profession. (

  1. Integrity – doing the right thing even when it’s difficult; adhering to a set of standards
  2. Leadership – supporting and helping to guide others
  3. Dedication – following through and maintaining consistency, even when things get tough
  4. Hard work – pushing past your assumed limits
  5. Service – belief in and support of something larger than yourself
  6. Commitment – never quit

Is it more effective to work out with a group?
YES! Our members enjoy the interaction and the camaraderie within our community. Seeing one another struggle to attain a goal makes the celebration when we reach that goal even more complete.

Is CrossFit competitive?
It’s as competitive as your personality! Of course, you are competing primarily with yourself. We regularly test ourselves against some standard CrossFit measures. If you’re improving against the last measure, that’s the best test of your success. However, working out in a group provides the inspiration to push yourself more than would be possible if you were working out alone or at an impersonal gym. We see the improvement in each other and provide encouragement to one another when someone struggles – and every single one of us has been there and felt that struggle.

What about setting goals?
Goals are definitely important – if you don’t know where you are going…how will you know when you arrive? Once you reach one set of goals, you can begin to plan for another set of goals so that you keep getting fitter and stronger. Everyone can benefit from having a road map that defines what they are working toward. We use the following S-M-A-R-T guide for setting goals:

S: Specific
M: Measurable
A: Attainable
R: Realistic
T: Time-bound

We will work with you to determine what goals make sense for you, a challenging yet realistic timeframe to achieve them and concrete steps to get from here to there!

Is CrossFit for me?
CrossFit can be a good choice for most people. All the exercises are scalable – that is, they are adaptable to where you are in your life. Anyone with a commitment to improve their fitness level – from elite athlete to beginner – can achieve their goals with CrossFit Warrior Spirit.

I’m already in good shape…do I really need this?
The CrossFit program can help take your to the next level regardless of your starting point. You will definitely be challenged!

I haven’t exercised in years…what if I can’t keep up?
Although we will all the doing the same workout (routing, muscle groups, etc.) your specific weight, intensity and reps will be custom to you and your needs.

How do I get started? Just give us a call and schedule your first class. The first time is always free. Come work out with us and decide whether it’s for you or not

What about nutrition?
There are no nutritional requirements to be a member of CrossFit Warrior Spirit. Many of our members have found that following the Paleo style of eating has helped them achieve more of their fitness goals, while others follow different plans for achieving optimal performance in sport and in life. We’ll be happy to discuss it with your and help you understand how you might benefit from changing your diet as well.

Is it dangerous?
Actually some of the things we do here are kind of dangerous, when you think about them – hoisting loaded barbells into air, climbing ropes, hanging from rings, swinging kettlebells. But, as you will learn, we are sticklers for form and technique at CrossFit Warrior Spirit. Very little escapes the eagle eye of our coaches with corrections and adjustments being made constantly – “bend your knees, keep your back straight, shoulders back, eyes forward.” For this reason, our members have an excellent record of avoiding injury in the gym.

But what about that other stuff? The dings, bumps and bruises that come with doing ‘real work’. Kettlebells bash against forearms; barbells against shins; ring straps rub the upper arms, front squats and cleans can leave bruises. This is what makes CrossFit proper training for real life! In the real world, there are no elliptical cross trainers; there are cross country skis. And there are no barbells, only groceries, luggage, pianos, and other heavy, odd shaped objects. And when you bump into that stuff or let it hit you, it hurts as well!

So with each bruise and scratch, you will get stronger and better prepared to take on the world. We wear them like little badges of honor; proof positive that we have put ourselves in harm’s way and survived.

After all, bruises fade…strength endures.


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