• Oly Lift and Endurance

    Warm Up Snatch Complex Snatch High Pull + Snatch 12×2 @70% of 1RM Snatch 15 min AMRAP 03 Ring Push ups 06 Pull ups 09 Hang Power Snatch (75/55 lb) 12 V-ups Accessory exercise of the week One leg Squat – Pistols 2×10 each leg Cool Down/Stretch

  • Partner WOD

    Warm Up Close Grip Strict one ring pull up 5×3 Rope Climb in Tuck Position 5x 3 pulls adv (3 pull up and 3 down) Partner WOD Start with 400m run together then 27-18-9 Burpees Sit ups * Run 200m together after every set (27-run-18-run-9-run, they finish running 200m together – Sam you don’t have

  • Personal Goals

    By Harold Singleton As most of you know, I make it a habit to read Lufé’s post on Fridays.  And in spite of their somewhat preachy nature at times, I am enlightened and entertained by them.  Over the two and a half years I have been reading them I have learned a lot of things

  • Bench Press and Chipper

    Warm Up Bench Press 5×8 @ add + extra 5lb from last week or 55% of 1RM BP For Time 200m Pinch Grip Farmers Walk (2×25 lb/2×15 lb) 20 SDHP (95/65 lb) 20 Burpees over the bar 20 Floor Presses (95/65 lb) 200m OH Walking Lunges (25/15 lb) Accessory exercise of the week One arm


    Extracted from https://atomic-athlete.com/ As a coach if I notice that my athletes aren’t performing at a certain level or if there is a consistent flaw that I or my coaches see, I do my best to include programming that is designed to fix that flaw. This might be as little as a durability or strength exercise

  • Coordination and Upper Body Strength

    Warm Up Double Unders 5×15 reps Tempo Ring Dips 5x 3 @ 31X1 -OR – Sc: 5x 3sec Negatives Max Effort x 12 min 3 min= Max Calories Row 3 min= Max Double Unders 3 min= Max Ring Dips 3 min= Max Sit ups Score= Max total reps during 12 min. Accessory exercise of the

  • Oly Lift and Stamina/Endurance

    Warm Up Snatch Complex Snatch High Pull + 2 Hang Snatches 12×2 @70% of 1RM Snatch 19 min AMRAP 05 DL (135/95 lb) 05 HSPU 10/5 Cal AAB 10 Toes to Bar Accessory exercise of the week One arm dead hang: Accumulate a total of 25 sec each am. Cool Down/Stretch

  • Strength and Intermittent Training

    Warm Up Weighted walking lunge 6x 50-ft. (50/35 lb) Rope Straddle L-sit Holds 8x 5-8 sec Every 2:30 x 5 Rounds 9 Box Jumps (20/14″) 6 Man Makers (35/15 lb) 100m run Accessory exercise of the week One arm dead hang: Accumulate a total of 25 sec each am. Cool Down/Stretch

  • In Retrospect, Maybe I Made a Mistake

    By Harold Singleton Those of you who know me, would not be surprised that occasionally I am prone to self-inflicted injury.  Last week’s post was an example of not crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s which led to angst and consternation within my relationship with my spouse.  I have a standing agreement with her

  • C&J and Chipper

    Warm Up Clean and Jerk 12×1 @65% Chipper For Time RX= 25 BSQ (95/65 lb) 25 Burpees Over the Bar 25 Thrusters (95/65 lb) 25 Supine Pull ups sc: Ring rows 25 DL (95/65 lb) 25 HRPU RX+= 115/75 lb * Go immediately to the cash out Cash out: 5×1 Rope Climb Accessory exercise of